Our Culture


BIOT Work Rules

In order to ensure that the ship we rode moves quickly in the desired direction, members of Biot Korea move based on several work rules.
BiotKorea's work rules are not fixed rules forever, but change flexibly depending on member feedback and external environment.


Take the initiative in solving the problem
I'll solve it.

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Differentiated in new areas
Innovate the world by creating value
To do so, a high sense of ownership
From a professional point of view with responsibility
Solve the problem.


From the customer's
point of view.

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To medical staff and patients around the world,
To give you a healthy life,
Looking at the problem from the perspective of the customer,
I think about a better direction.


Respect each other.
Communicate and collaborate.

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Let's run together for the common goal.
I respect and care for my colleagues.
Let's work together.
"How to make things work".
I'm looking for it.


In a horizontal relationship,
I work structurally.

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Everyone calls me "teacher".
Anyone can freely disagree.
In the culture of showing off, at the organizational level,
We aim for smooth collaboration through structural communication.


What Our Coworkers Say

You can use your time flexibly while working.
You can work according to your work style.

Not factory-type talents who seem to have been photographed in a factory, but

with diverse colors with diverse and distinctive experiences.
The positive synergy that occurs as there are many talented people is significant.

Everyone has equal say,
You can express your opinion in
a horizontal relationship without any burden.

We acknowledge each person's value.
It has a system and atmosphere that cares and values members.

Each member has a special advantage, and
Each person works autonomously with a sense of responsibility for their duties.

The co-workers are very competent.
Just being able to see and learn this from the side is
It's a company worth working for.



With the best colleagues, I look forward to joining you in the history of changing the world with medical artificial intelligence.

Management strategy

Researcher(Material field)

Korea, Seoul, Gwangju


Researcher(Bio field)

Korea, Seoul, Gwangju


Medical device engineer

Korea, Seoul, Gwangju


Chief Technology Officer

San Jose, USA

지원서 다운로드

Senior Strategic Analyst

Korea, Seoul, Gwangju